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Amazon Inside P&G Warehouses: A Case of “What’s In It for We”

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal revealed that Amazon has set up operations inside at least seven P&G warehouses worldwide where “each day, P&G loads products [such as paper towels and diapers] onto pallets and passes them over to Amazon inside a small, fenced-off area. Amazon employees then package, label, and ship the items […]

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Getting to We: A Conversation with Kate Vitasek and Jeanette Nyden

Ready to “walk the talk” on creating highly collaborative business relationships? In this episode, Kate Vitasek and Jeanette Nyden discuss the key points from their recently published book, Getting to We, which “flips conventional negotiation on its head and shifts the perspective to where it belongs: viewing the relationship as the substance of the deal, […]

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