A New Age in Supply Chains: Realizing the Benefits of Business Networks and Communities

GregKeferIn a recent guest commentary, Greg Kefer, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at GT Nexus, writes, “We’re at the dawn of a new age in supply chains. As cloud-based technology moves into the mainstream, extended partner networks that make up the global supply chain are harnessing it to share information in new ways and collaborate online. The real benefit of the cloud isn’t so much about its features and functions, but its business networks and related communities.”

Are business networks the same as EDI networks? What are the key enablers of these business networks and communities? How are companies using these communities to address their supply chain challenges? What are the biggest hurdles to driving greater adoption? How do you explain the value of business networks and communities to the CEO and CFO? How will these networks and communities continue to evolve in the years ahead?

Greg addresses those questions and more in this timely and informative episode. After watching, post a question or comment for Greg and keep the conversation going!

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