Is Workforce Planning the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain Transformation Journey?

DougPollard_QuintiqWhile many companies have invested significant time and money over the years to improve their demand, supply, and manufacturing planning capabilities, they have underinvested in workforce planning and optimization, and they’re now starting to feel the consequences.

For example, at the Quintiq World Tour Philadelphia conference last October, Southwest Airlines, which has more than 18,000 employees across 90+ airports, discussed how trying to do headcount planning, schedule development, and scenario evaluation manually, while taking into account regulations and labor agreements, was becoming a losing battle for them.

What exactly is workforce planning and optimization? Why is it gaining importance in supply chain management today? How are leading companies improving their workforce planning capabilities? What are the main challenges and how do you overcome them? How do you measure the value and benefits of workforce planning?

Doug Pollard, Sales Director, Workforce Business Unit at Quintiq, addresses those questions and more in this timely and informative episode. After watching, post a question or comment for Doug and keep the conversation going!

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