Myths and Realities of Global TMS Deployment

WaltHeilIn this episode, Walt Heil, Senior Vice President at Kewill, discusses the myths and realities associated with global transportation management system (TMS) deployments. He addresses the following questions and more:

  • Although transportation management systems have been around for more than two decades, with plenty of research and case studies showing the benefits of using a TMS, many companies still haven’t implemented one. In your experience, why are so many companies still on the sidelines?
  • Do some companies still view TMS as being too expensive to implement? What is the perception vs. reality?
  • What about the scope of TMS solutions: do you find that many companies still view TMS as being applicable only for domestic transportation, not global operations?
  • The decision to implement a TMS or not is sometimes coupled with another decision: whether to keep transportation management in-house or outsource the operations to a third party. Are there any myths or misperceptions that factor in when the outsourcing option is in the mix?
  • Can you share with us some case studies or customer examples that help bust these myths we’ve talked about?
  • What advice would you give to companies to help them separate myths from realities when it comes to global TMS deployments?

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