Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain: Closing the Gap Between Current Reality and Future Expectations

GregKeferIn this episode, Greg Kefer, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at GT Nexus, discusses the trends, challenges, and opportunities associated with supply chain digital transformation. He discusses the following questions and more:

  • What is Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain? Why is there so much buzz about it today?
  • Together with Cap Gemini, GT Nexus recently surveyed over 325 executives from large companies in North America and Europe to gain insight on the current state of digital transformation in the supply chain and where companies expect to be in 5 years. So, where exactly are we today?
  • How does today’s reality compare with where companies expect to be in 5 years?
  • How can companies close this gap between current realities and future expectation? What are the main barriers companies have to overcome?
  • What are the key technology enablers of digital transformation in the supply chain?
  • What benefits do companies expect to achieve as a result of this transformation? Why should CEOs and CFOs support digital transformation in supply chains?
  • What steps should companies take today to start driving digital transformation in their supply chains and achieve their desired objectives?

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