Streamlining the Transportation Procurement Process

In this episode, Shanon Hart, VP of Product Marketing at MercuryGate, shares insight and advice on transportation procurement. She addresses the following questions and more:

  • What are the main challenges companies face when getting started?
  • How are companies managing their transportation procurement process today? Is this an area where Excel spreadsheets still rule?
  • If your transportation operations include TL, LTL, parcel, and ocean, how should you structure your procurement process?
  • What are the most critical factors for success in planning and executing a procurement event?
  • What capabilities should companies look for in a transportation procurement solution?
  • From a carrier’s perspective, what’s important for them in terms of making the process as easy and productive as possible?
  • What questions should transportation executives ask to assess whether their transportation procurement process and capabilities are best-in-class or behind the curve?

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