Addressing the Three Critical Elements of Fleet Management: Drivers, Equipment, and Operations

ToddBucherDriver shortages, changing regulatory requirements, increased demand for high levels of customer service — these are all factors impacting transportation management today. According to a recent report from the National Private Truck Council, companies that once outsourced transportation to for-hire carriers are instituting their own private fleets. Year over year, private fleet shipments, volume, tonnage and value have all increased by 10%.

  • What are some of the factors driving this trend?
  • What are the primary challenges fleet operators face in managing drivers? Why is managing drivers so important?
  • What are some of the main equipment-related considerations fleet operators must take into account to successfully manage their operations?
  • Why is minimizing miles driven and empty miles, while meeting delivery commitments, becoming a more challenging objective to achieve?
  • How have fleet management solutions evolved to help fleet operators manage drivers, equipment, and operations in a more integrated manner? What capabilities should fleet operators look for in a solution?
  • What benefits can companies achieve by taking a more integrated approach to fleet management?

Todd Bucher, Vice President, Fleet Management at MercuryGate answers those questions and more in this timely and informative episode.

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