Will Robots Take Your Supply Chain Job?

As a recent Talking Logistics blog post highlighted, every day, every month, every year, there are more and more robots being used in supply chain and logistics operations.

This includes autonomous mobile robots in the warehouse, delivery robots traveling on suburban streets and college campuses, driverless trucks, and software robots — aka Robotic Process Automation. 

So, what impact will robots have on supply chain and logistics jobs?

Back in November 2019, we asked members of our Indago supply chain research community — who are all supply chain and logistics executives from manufacturing, retail, and distribution companies — for their take on that question.

Watch this 4-minute video for some highlights from the survey results, as well as insights into the “Seven Stages of Robot Replacement” as described by Kevin Kelly in a December 2012 WIRED article.

For more data and insights on this topic, please download the Indago report (available to Indago members only). If you’re a supply chain or logistics professional from a manufacturing, retail, or distribution company, we invite you to join our Indago research community. It’s free, confidential, the time commitment is less than 4 minutes per week, and the best part — your participation benefits a variety of charities. To learn more and apply, please visit joinindago.com.