[Video] How to Turn Low-Trust Business Relationships into High-Performing Partnerships

I’ve argued over the past few years that we have a trust problem in supply chain management. For example, in a survey we conducted with our Indago supply chain research community in September 2021, more than half of the respondents (56%) either agreed or strongly agreed that [quote] “you can’t be too careful when dealing with people across your supply chain.” Why is this lack of trust a problem? What are the costs of distrust? Is there a way to measure trust in business relationships? And how can companies turn low-trust business relationships into high-performing partnerships? Those are the main questions that Kate Vitasek, member of the graduate and executive education faculty at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business, and Karl Manrodt, a professor of logistics at Georgia College’s J. Whitney Bunting College of Business and Technology, discuss in this Talking Logistics episode.

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