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IoT Speeds Over-the-Road Shipment Tracking

If you’re a global supply chain executive, you’ve got a challenging job. A job that was once as simple as moving goods around now involves managing relationships with suppliers and service providers all around the globe, while also keeping track of the goods as your shipments move closer to their destination. According to a 2017 […]

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Taking the “Ouch” Out of Transportation Costs

Global supply chains tie the planet together, providing goods to consumers, jobs to workers, and dividends to shareholders. A single item can touch multiple continents before landing in the hands of the consumer. And this global trip isn’t just for sightseeing – leading companies find that a diversified sourcing base and far-flung manufacturing can help […]

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Did You Prepare for Chinese New Year? Some Tips for Next Year

In the US, we’ve got Times Square cleaned up, the holiday décor packed away for another year, and the store shelves already stocked with red hearts filled with chocolate as we prepare for Valentine’s Day. But supply chain and logistics experts know they need to prepare for another holiday first. One that will create a […]

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