Social Networking, TMS, and Mega Trends: My CSCMP Conference Agenda

Are you attending the CSCMP Annual Global Conference later this month in Denver? It’s is one of the best conferences in the supply chain and logistics industry to learn and network. The challenge, of course, is choosing which sessions to attend, spread out across twenty-six tracks. Let me help you. Below are the sessions that I am participating in focused on social networking, transportation management systems, and “mega” supply chain trends. I hope you stop by, say hello, and participate in the conversation.

It’s best to come prepared, so here are some links to blog postings and Talking Logistics episodes related to the session topics. Read the postings, watch the episodes, then come with your questions and comments.

A Pulse on Social Networking for Supply Chain Management

4 Questions Before Investing in a Transportation Management System (our most watched Talking Logistics episode with 8,100+ viewed)

Social Networking and Companies of Tomorrow: A Conversation with Tony Martins, VP Strategic Services, Halo Pharmaceutical (Tony Martins will be one of the executive panelists in the Mega Trends Impacting the Supply Chain session I am moderating)

The Tipping Point for Natural Gas Long-Haul Trucks

Robots and the Future of Retail and Logistics Jobs

See you in Denver soon!


Tuesday, October 22 at 9:45 AM

Does Being a Global Company Necessitate a Global TMS?
This session will focus on a recent study that surveyed supply chain managers on their international transportation management practices, processes, and technologies that support them. Included will be insights on today’s fragmented technology marketplace, the complexities of international transportation, and what to look for in a global TMS.

Sessions Room: Room 109
Session Speakers:
James Blaeser, American Shipper
Adrian Gonzalez, Adelante SCM Corp.
Denielle Gower, Koppers, Inc.
Jordan Kass, C.H. Robinson

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 3:00 PM

The Social Media Debate
In today’s society, social media’s footprint is impossible to ignore. While some companies choose to heavily utilize this medium, others remain hesitant to embrace it as a business tool or allow staff members to access it. This session, in a “pros versus cons” debate format, will examine the positives, negatives, and myths surrounding social media. Participants will leave the session with a full-spectrum view of social media and how it may or may not contribute to business success.

Sessions Room: Room 402
Session Speakers:
Terry Esper (Moderator), University of Arkansas
Michael A. D’Angelo, Volkswagen Group of America
Tom France, Caterpillar Inc.
Adrian Gonzalez, Adelante SCM Corp.
Thomas Shield, Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Mega Trends Impacting the Supply Chain
The rise of social networking and business networks are enabling communities of trading partners to communicate, collaborate, and execute business processes in more efficient, scalable, and innovative ways.

Domestic oil production is on the rise, and, coupled with natural gas production—due to fracking—is changing the economics of offshoring and driving the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles, among other things.

Robots and automation technologies are playing growing roles in supply chain and logistics processes as we see the rise of driverless cars on our roads, the use of robots to track inventory in stores, and robots and other types of flexible automation technologies in the warehouse. Does this provoke human obsolescence?

In this timely and thought-provoking session, these mega trends and other important topics will be addressed with an esteemed panel of industry professionals and experts.

Adrian Gonzalez (Moderator), President, Adelante SCM Corp.
Craig Dickman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Breakthrough® Fuel
Tony Martins, Founder, Tony Martins Associates (formerly VP Strategic Services, Halo Pharmaceutical, Inc.)
Bruce Welty, Chief Executive Officer, Quiet Logistics