What Kind of Shipper Are You? The Path to Building an Effective Transportation Strategy

Eric Meister, COO, LeanLogistics
Eric Meister, COO, LeanLogistics

In the first episode of this educational series focused on the link between transportation management and supply chain excellence, Chris Timmer from LeanLogistics outlined the attributes of a strong transportation management foundation and how to build it. An important component of that foundation is defining and implementing an effective transportation strategy, which is the focus of this episode led by Eric Meister, COO at LeanLogistics. Watch as Eric discusses:

  • How to answer the question “What kind of shipper are you?” and why it’s important
  • The role of BI, analytics, and benchmarking in separating perception from reality
  • How to connect your transportation strategy with your business plan
  • The importance of synchronizing your transportation strategy with execution and your broader supply chain strategy
  • The role of your carriers and partners in shaping your transportation strategy

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