Digital Transformation: Why It’s Not an ‘Easy’ Button [Video]

Roger A. Ciarleglio, SVP Sales, North America at Elemica, discusses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode:

  • How do you define Digital Transformation, and from your perspective, where are most companies today on this journey?
  • When you talk to your clients and prospects, what are they trying to achieve with digital transformation? What are some of the driving forces behind it?
  • What are some of the keys to success and common pitfalls companies should avoid?
  • What’s the difference between digital transformation and what companies have been doing with business intelligence?
  • Can you share with us some examples of digital transformation in action?
  • What questions should companies ask themselves to assess whether they have the right people and capabilities in place to succeed in digitally transformation?

Podcast version (click to play):