From Heartbreak To This

Sometime in the future — I don’t know how far, maybe 10 years, 20 years, 30 years from now — there will be something great in the world, something that will bring great benefits to humanity, and we’ll look back and say, “If it wasn’t for the COVID-19 pandemic and everything the world went through in 2020, this great thing wouldn’t exist today.”

I firmly believe this and it’s what I told my kids in the spring, when they stopped going to school in person, when sports got cancelled, when high school graduation was conducted virtually, when we started wearing masks…when life as we all knew it got turned upside down.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It is also the 10-year anniversary of me becoming an entrepreneur. I spent my first work day (and the next three weeks) not in an office, but serving as a juror in a murder trial. Better than being the defendant, I told myself, but when you have bills to pay and no longer have a paycheck, sitting in a courthouse looking at crime scene photos was not the beginning I had imagined.

Actually, none of this 10-year journey has been what I imagined.

Looking back, maybe if my father hadn’t been diagnosed with lung cancer after Christmas in 2007 and died eight months later (the day after my birthday), I wouldn’t have changed course and be where I am today. 

From heartbreak to this.

Where will all the heartbreaks from this year lead us? To some great reward, I’m sure of it,
even if we can’t imagine it, even if we have to wait

long for it.

Thank you to all of our Talking Logistics sponsors, Indago members, and other clients, and all of you (our readers, subscribers, and followers), for making this journey possible and fun. I am eternally grateful.