Top Talking Logistics Posts & Episodes (Q2 2017)

Well, I’m back from vacation (more on that on Friday) and I’m slowly catching up on what I’ve missed the past couple of weeks. So, while I do that, you can check out the top posts and new episodes from Q2 2017 (if you missed the top posts and the new episodes from Q1, you can link to them here). After reading/watching them, share this post with your colleagues and social media followers, then post a comment and share your perspective on these topics!

Top Posts
  1. The Trends Shaping Supply Chain and Logistics: Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2017
  2. The Best is Yet to Come with Transportation Management Systems
  3. Free Shipping is Costing More (As Small Packages Flood Delivery Networks)
  4. Bucking the 80/20 Trend: 4 Key Benefits of Adopting a Digital Yard
  5. My Logistics Experiences with Amazon and AAA
  6. The WannaCry Cyberattack: Another Warning for Supply Chain Executives
  7. Alignment, Synchronization, Communication: Building Successful Relationships in Supply Chain Management
  8. Where Does Supply Chain Design End and Planning Begin? (Takeaways from LLamasoft’s SummerCon 2017 Conference)
  9. The Growing Focus on Last-Mile Delivery
  10. 5 Ways a TMS Can Help You “Go Green”
New Episodes

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