Top 10 Talking Logistics Videos and Posts in 2017

As 2017 comes to an end, a quick thank you to all of our readers, followers, and sponsors for another great year of learning and conversation on Talking Logistics. The numbers speak for themselves:

43 episodes produced in 2017, totaling more than 1,200 minutes of conversations with thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry.

217 posts published on a wide range of timely and important industry topics, including the most comprehensive weekly news roundup in the industry and thought-provoking and insightful guest commentaries from our sponsors.

More than 197,000 followers on LinkedIn and Twitter combined (a 68 percent increase from last year), including CXOs, VPs, and Directors across many vertical industries and geographies.

More than 100 podcasts on iTunes of our past episodes.

Over $49,000 — the amount of money our Logistics Leaders for T1D Cure team raised in support of JDRF and its quest to turn Type 1 Diabetes into Type None.

And we continue to receive great feedback from supply chain and logistics professionals like you, so thank you for your comments.

Adelante SCM just celebrated its 7-year anniversary, and next month we’ll celebrate Talking Logistics’ 5-year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long already; it seems like only yesterday that I left the comfort of a relatively secure job and paycheck to embark on this entrepreneurial journey.

I still feel that same nervous excitement I felt the very first day — nervous because the future is always uncertain, and excitement for the same exact reason.

As I wrote a few years ago, there is never a right time to become an entrepreneur, and we all have our reasons to become one. But as I reflect on my experience to date, I believe there is a universal truth to entrepreneurship: success, especially in the early years, is built on trust and relationships.

I am grateful for the trust my clients placed in me seven years ago, and for the relationships we continue to develop and grow — not only business relationships, but personal ones too.

I am also grateful for the ongoing support I receive from my family and friends, and for all of you — our subscribers and followers in the supply chain and logistics community — who make it all worthwhile.

Thank you all for making this journey possible and fun. We have many exciting new things planned for 2018; I can’t wait to continue the journey with you.

In the meantime, in case you missed them the first time around or want to watch/read them again, below are the most popular Talking Logistics video episodes and posts we aired/published this year. I encourage you to share this list with your colleagues, as well students, young professionals, and others who might be interested in joining our growing community. They can sign up for our email and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and iTunes to stay informed about upcoming episodes and to read our blog posts on industry trends and news.

Again, thank you for making this another fun and rewarding year on Talking Logistics. Happy Holidays and I wish you all continued health, happiness, and success in 2018.

Top 10 Posts
  1. Breaking News: Walmart, Facebook, and Uber Form Strategic Alliance to Provide Unrivaled Commerce Experience
  2. 5 Key Trends Driving Supply Chain Innovation
  3. Global Shipping Trends: What to Expect in 2017
  4. The Trends Shaping Supply Chain and Logistics: Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2017
  5. The Whole is Greater Than Sum of Its Parts: Kewill and LeanLogistics Rebranded as BluJay Solutions
  6. Supply Chain and Logistics Resolutions for 2017: 4 Things to STOP Doing This Year
  7. Unlearning Supply Chain Management
  8. Drop Shipping: A Perfect Fit for Supply Chain Operating Networks
  9. The Best is Yet to Come with Transportation Management Systems
  10. The Impact of Electronic Logging Devices: Separating Hype from Reality
Top 10 Video Episodes

Note: These rankings are based on views on our YouTube channel or our sponsors’ YouTube channels. Some sponsors embed the episodes on their websites using other platforms. Since we do not have access or visibility to those views, they are not included here.

  1. There’s No Silver Bullet: Extracting Maximum (and Ongoing) Value from a TMS
  2. AI, Machine Learning and the Power of Predictive Logistics
  3. The Business Case for Freight Visibility
  4. Transportation in 2017: Important Trends and Challenges
  5. The Benefits of Dynamic Pool Distribution
  6. Looking Ahead: Important Supply Chain Trends of 2017
  7. IT in the Age of Supply Chain Complexity: Important Attributes for Success
  8. Transforming Supply Chains into Global Trade Networks
  9. Last-Mile Delivery: The Next Battleground in Transportation
  10. Achieving Sustainable Transportation Savings: Practical Advice for C-Level Executives
  11. Managing Supply Chain Risks: The Role of Digitalization and Cloud Technology (tied for 10th)

Note: Talking Logistics will be on holiday from December 22 – January 1. We will be back on January 2, refreshed and ready to go for another year of sharing insights and advice about what’s happening in the world of supply chain and logistics. Until then, here’s our final Song of the Week for 2017, “We Close Our Eyes” by Oingo Boingo.